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Compost or Wine? How do you look at food past it’s prime?

“I’m a rubbish gardener”, is something I have said many times, but actually, I need to clarify: I am rubbish at growing annuals. I could be better. I just haven’t prioritized the time. I like foraging more, and if we … Continue reading

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The Wonderful World of Jam

This week has been absolutely rubbish, and I look like I have been dragged through a hedge backwards. Literally. Three of my closest friends are departing my life, and Tavistock. I will forgive Max. He is embarking on a moneyless … Continue reading

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Barter, Forage, and be Happy

Bartering is a way of exchanging products or services, for other products or services, without using money. It happens all the time, but more so when there is an economic collapse. Or of course, when I’m in town. I like … Continue reading

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The Piggery of Jam and the Pee Pear Pie

So I’ve moved my daughter and myself across the country, to sunny Devon. This really does feel like the beginning of the rest of my life! Most of the boxes are open, and my copious amounts of jams, chutneys and … Continue reading

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The House of Jam

I recently completed my diploma in Applied Permaculture, and presented my ten permaculture designs in Lewes. In each design, I used the principles and ethics of permaculture to carefully plan the most efficient, and sustainable way to go about a … Continue reading

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