She Cemented Over My Garden

I spent two years living in my last home, lovingly designing and implementing my garden. Now, the cherry tree that I planted has been ripped out, the grape-vine is gone, the raspberry canes, the vegetable beds, the strawberries, the herbs…..There was space for one car to park off-road (not that parking on road was an issue) but I guess she needed space for two.

So I shall plant a new cherry tree. My neighbour let me plant an apple tree in her garden too. I split the cost with her, and she has promised me a share of the future harvest. I guess she may move away and her garden may get cemented too, but I will just have to keep my fingers crossed! I have been accused of being naively optimistic many times in the past, and although this may be true, it isn’t a personality trait that I plan on loosing.

Charlie, my WWOOFer, is staying with me for a month, helping me in my garden in exchange for sleeping on my sofa and being fed. It is an exchange of knowledge, skills, time, energy and care. I love having her around, and having someone to bounce off. She and I have been busy building a chicken run and vegetable beds, a compost heap and a wormery…..we’ve been clearing out gravel and planting seeds, connecting a water-butt and foraging for wood and food and materials to build with. We have sawed the door off of the rotting shed and created a gate for the chicken run. We have collected pallets, and built a compost heap. We have carried home car tyres from the mechanics, and built a rat-proof wormery. We have been rather busy, to say the least! We did decide however, that our building skills could do with some support when it came to the chicken house….

So Charlie called a couple of friends to enlist some help. With the offer of a Full Moon Party, some home-made cider and pumpkin soup, her friends Kian and Joe agreed to come and help us build a chicken house. We then spent the entire day wondering where on earth they had gotten to….. We received a message that they had decided to build it at home, as they had all the right tools. When we heard they had finally arrived, I walked out to greet them, and found a chicken palace on the back of a trailer! It is the most beautiful chicken house I have ever seen. I actually squealed with excitement, and ran to give Kian and Joe, who had never met me, enormous cuddles. It turns out that they are really good carpenters, and between their various projects, they had a lot of scrap materials to put towards building the coup. I am completely blown away at the generosity of two people who spent an entire day helping a complete stranger. I cannot thank them enough. Their People Care is inspiring.

So I guess the permaculture principle that Everything Gardens comes to mind. Everyone is constantly changing their surroundings. I feel rather empty about the garden I created being cemented, but I will continue to garden and just create more, until the emptiness is overflowing with fruit and flowers and chickens.


About thehouseofjam

I am a Trustee/Director of the Permaculture Association of Britain, and I make jam with wild food. Lots of it!
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4 Responses to She Cemented Over My Garden

  1. Selka says:

    How awful! and wonderful! Both in the same post. that is one good-looking chicken house!

  2. planthoarder says:

    So sorry to hear the new home owner didn’t appreciate the fruits that she had inherited from you. I haven’t been back to my last house, but it certainly was tough leaving the trees behind.

  3. I too lost a garden – in my case to a bulldozer. They didn’t just get rid of the garden, the mobile home & decking went too. I visited one morning to see what they might have done & there was just bare earth. A beautiful long hedge had been grubbed out too. I remember being in shock, but later that day was surprised that I had forgotten already. Let it go. I can only garden where I am & while they are trashing that garden, I will be creating a new one. And I know of one garden that I co-created over ten years ago, which is now abundant & loved. Some will always survive & thrive.

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