People Care

I was working at the rock climbing centre on Saturday and as I walked in, I saw Joe, a fellow instructor. I gave him a hug and noted his neck scarf. “Oh I’ve got one just like that”, I said. “Really? I found it is the lost  property box –  it’s not yours is it?” I grinned and nodded. He laughed and said that he’d been wearing it for weeks, so I told him to keep it. Not because I wouldn’t want it back, but because he clearly liked it, and would probably wear it more than me. He was so pleased, and so was I. I found it funny, because I had found a hat in a lost property box, literally two days before hand. I asked if it had been there for a long time, and it had, so I adopted it. People lose things and people find things.

Over lunch I was telling another instructor, Duncan, about Joe’s new neck scarf and my new hat. He told me that he once had a bike. It was a really cool, old school bike. One day, it was stolen from where he had locked it in the bike racks. A week later, he found it in the bike racks with a new lock on it. He went away to buy a lock, and put his lock on the bike too, along with a note. He came back the next day to find a response to his note. The response explained that they had found the bike dumped in the bushes. The chain had broken and it had been abandoned. So the person had adopted the bike, put a new chain on it, and done it up. Duncan took his lock off the bike, and left a new note, saying that they could keep it. He said they had taken better care of it then he had, and he just wanted to let them have it.

Years ago, I was in a queue to buy a sandwich for lunch. It was  a big queue. I got to the front, and the cashier told me that I couldn’t pay by card and would need to go to the cash machine round the corner. I said that was fine and that I would be back in a minute. The man behind me handed over his cash, and said that he would pay for my sandwich too. I told him it was really fine – I didn’t mind going to the cash machine, but he insisted! There was no need for him to do a nice deed – he just did. It made my day, and I still remember him four years on.

I bought my daughter a bike at a car boot sale recently, and when I took it to the bike shop to get repaired, they said that it would cost me £60 to put a new wheel on! I happened to be going past a friend’s house at the time, and I explained my disappointment. My friend’s husband, a carpenter, said he would take it this work shop and see what he could do. A week later, I learned that he had taken the wheel apart and bolted it back together to make it work again. I thanked him with Jam!

It’s those little things in life that make me so happy. Simple little gestures which make me believe in humans and how kind and generous people can be. The web of life demonstrates to us how everything is connected. When you do something nice for someone, they are often inspired to do something nice for someone else. I hope that anyone who reads this, adds to my collection of beautiful, inspiring moments.


About thehouseofjam

I am a Trustee/Director of the Permaculture Association of Britain, and I make jam with wild food. Lots of it!
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2 Responses to People Care

  1. stickyllama says:

    How strange. This is the theme of my latest blog as well!!!!!!!!!! Mine is about the joys of being kind and happy and the returns you get from that. People do respond to even the smallest kindnesses and they are so important. Good on you for this post, it was a lovely read and I do believe that you get back tenfold any kindness that you show. So funny that we have both reflected on this!!! Cheers and have a lovely week. And I know I always comment on your blog but I do love to read it. And I’m naturally enthusiastic about permaculture and life so I am (as a Dutch Aunty said) mouthy!! Cheers, Natalie

  2. Lovely article, reaffirming faith in human nature. There are nice people out there! Love the blog, keep it up! O

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